We welcome you into our Punjabi kitchen!

Who are we?

Two very enthusiastic Punjabi cooks – my 78 year old aunty and myself, her niece Simi, a solicitor. Approximately 20 years ago I sat with my aunt, the most proficient cook I have ever known, wanting to capture our family dishes. At that time nothing came of it, yet now the desire to share our recipes has reignited with fervour.

What is our ideal?
Absolutely minimal wastage and to encourage people wherever possible to eat seasonal produce. There is minimal food wastage in our kitchen – the beauty of our recipes is that they can be frozen or naturally and tastily incorporated with other food. We call it “mix and match!” and any left over ingredients can be used as a side dish or salad.

For too many years I succumbed to “one-stop” shopping, due to the sheer convenience. However I have the good fortune of living close to Osterley Park where they have a farm shop and this is now my first stop for veg. There are, of course, farmer’s markets that can be supported as well.

Finally (and most importantly!) what do we bring to the table?

Delicious, healthy recipes, mostly vegetarian, some of which can be cooked in less than 30 minutes, yet without ever any compromise on the taste. A few years ago my aunt was diagnosed with coeliac disease, and has developed a raft of recipes as a consequence, meaning many of our recipe are gluten free. Indian cooking is often vegan, with the exception being recipes involving ghee, butter or milk.

There at time will be recipes which are not Indian in nature, or at least not entirely Indian. This is not your typical Punjabi kitchen we enjoy a wide array of different cuisines, therefore, every now and then our recipes will reflect this.

We hope you enjoy our recipes as much as we do!